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we all go  on and fine life is more to it then what we thing we lost

we may all think life never going to change but it dose , sometime when we lest expect it to , and that what happen to me this past year , my life was to good to be true ever one always say to me, it was so true I believe we see what we want to not what right in front off  us, like my husband & my  friend having a two & half years affair and a baby tighter be for I found out , it was so hard to believe  after 27 years  tighter . but I now was left to look after our family alone never thought I ever love again after he was my first love we met when I was 13 years old , so start a new chapter in my life and on a journey  to a much grater love . we all may love and then lost it but we do go on , I wonder if I was to write about my life would it be a book that people would want to read , I learned the hard way how much love can hurt but  there so much more to love then that sure when life  knock you down and you fall flat on you face you got to pick your self up and move on that how life is  I always want to write but was told I was wasting my time doing so till my new love read some off my poems and would not let me give it up so I pick up a pan and have  wrote over 1000 poems  I won two award for one and enough one a month ago for enough one so I think if you like to do something donít let no one that it way from you with words or you lost a part of you  that may touch other life and make it a better place for someone else  because they see there is life after you love and lost it will bring you to a grater place you just need to look for it and you will fine it out there believe me  I found a much grate love now and it like my first life is a faded  dream or a movie I watch it donít feel really so never give up ,

Posted: February 13, 2005 


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