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A Glimpse Into The Heart And Soul Of A Mouse
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My First Boring Rant...

The day after Valentines and I'm still depressed...funny how spending the day with your ex can do that to ya....It's amazing how much you can miss somebody and still have them right next to you...He is the light of my life....but that light keeps moving farther and farther away from my grasp...I dont know what to do anymore, I love him with all of my heart, and yet he seems to feel nothing. Yesterday I told him I love him and he said "Te Amo" I dont know what to think, I'm just glad that we had such a wonderful day. I'm not sure weather or not its wrong to be friends with benifits...but it makes me happy most of the time,  and we are not as active as we used to be so...I think its all right. But, I miss us being together because what we have now is so different, and so strange.....I wish we were still the wonderful happy couple I thought we were. I know that I can live without him, because I have to, but that doesnt mean that I like it....I dont know how to be happy without him....Well whatever, that's my rant for today, I have to go to night school and make up some to ya'll later....

Posted: February 15, 2005 

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