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Pieces of Me
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John's Thinking Place

I've never blogged before but I'll use this place to record observations I make as I journey through this sphere of existence which we call Mortal Life.

I saw an article today about California putting together a program to tax drivers based on the number of miles they drive.

The plan is to put a tracking device into each car, use satellites to monitor the number of miles driven and then the driver would pay the accrued tax at the gasoline pump.

I have to ask What the Heck are they thinking? 
The way I see it, we are already paying tax at the pump -- 38 cents per gallon I think -- and for a given vehicle you will use a certain number of gallons of gasoline (3.8 litres for my european friends) for a certain number of miles driven...

Basically, we're already taxing drivers for the number of miles driven...  and all without big brother knowing exactly where you are at all times, how many miles you drive and all of the expensive infrastructure of equiping cars, and managing the data and equipment to track them...

The article complains that some vehicles use much less gasoline to travel a certain distance because they are more fuel efficient and therefore the drivers aren't paying as much tax...

Do we want to discourage fuel efficient vehicles????  
I say raise the tax per gallon a little and that will encourage more people to move to more fuel efficient cars... and in the meantime generate the missing revenues...

Oh well, no one ever said bureaucrats were bright ;)

Posted: February 15, 2005 

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