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I Like.........But...........!?!

I am an outgoing shy person.
I like to get to know people, but I hate to be embarrassed and turn red.  
I like to perform and sing, but I hate to be in front of people.
I like to express myself, but fear people's opinion of me.
I like to dance, but not with my friends.
I like to excel in school, but I hate doing the work.
I like to read, but don't like to start the book.
I like to watch football, but I dislike the sport.
I like to show off, but not when people are around.

Isn't it interesting how we like to do so many things, but dislike so many aspects of our likes. Life is full of these things. Our fears and dislikes of things sometimes prevent us from doing what we want or even what we should do.

The musings of a half-whit Teenager

~Scarlet O'Rourke

Posted: February 16, 2005 

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