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February 16th 2005 - Was There Perhaps a Red Brick Road?

All right, it turns out I do not have the self-discipline to drag myself out of my bed at four in the morning to do the things I gotta do.  I plan to work on that.

Today, my reputation went up two points.  I not only got one, but TWO poems published today.  Oh so awesome me, I'm on a role.  It's nice to know I'm getting around.

Guess what?  I've gotten my spontaneity back in my poetry.  I wrote two during math class and it was cool.  I couldn't really help it.  I just found out the period before that there is an enemy out there that I don't know how to defeat: pessimism.  Not my own, but the negativity of my friends.  How do you combat the mentality of someone else when the only mentality one you can fully know is your own?  I'm not a pessimistic person, and I didn't grow up around pessimistic people.  So I do I convince my two friends that their efforts will not be fruitless and that everyone on the speech team DOES NOT hate them.  I believe its just that since I've already been through the experience of everyone hating me and I've learned that sometimes you need to just "flip the bird" in order to live life the way you want.  It just bugs me that the attitude is wrong and changing attitudes is one thing I don't know how to do.  How are you supposed to tell someone to believe the antithesis of what he/she already thinks without imposing it upon him/her?  I don't want to be dictator in this scenario nor do I want to see things go wasted.  Is there a possible middle road to this situation?

I've got nothing more to say for now.  Rock on till tomorrow.

Posted: February 16, 2005 


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