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Darn Kids

 Do you ever wonder just what happens to our children as they grow and get older?
 Well I sure do.
It seems to me as these young people progress the values and lessons I've tried to teach them through the years become less and less emplanted on their little minds.
So it is no wonder that when they become young adults,they are crippled and less capable of self care then when they were of a much younger age of say eight or nine.
  You know at a very early age I taught my children that if they could make the mess then they also could clean it up...so it was not my house you would come to visit and have to travel through the path of legos or barbies on the livingroom floor .
No ,no because when play time was over the toys went back into the toy box,common sence right?
My children picked up the concept well,but as the years went by and fifteen came around before you could sit on my couch you had to move the coats and school books or book bags to find a space.
  I did not set out to raise lazy individuals who simply don't give a dam,how ever when they became teens I stayed out of their rooms as that was their space,as long as I did not have to see or smell the mess they could live as they so pleased.
  I think today that I made a big mistake as now they feel the whole house should look as their rooms do.
What ever happened to a sence of pride ?
 I thought that lesson was instilled at an early age...along with many others that have been forgotten.
  So why am I back to square one with these people giving refresher courses on things they should already know?
 I shake my head ,and I ask you,"What's a mother too do?

Posted: February 17, 2005 

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