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Cozy Nook
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My life

I hate it when life catches up to you, when you finally have to face the facts and deal with it.

I dunno what is so stressful about calling a few "friends" or dealing with problems at school, but it IS stressful.

I almost wish I was a normal 15-yo girl with a normal life and a normal schedual in my hands.

But I'm not. I'm a 15yo girl with a big family that can often be hard get to a place on time, and a bunch of brainiac brothers--all with an Einstien lurking somewhere inside that broken black hole or their mind. (broken because instead of simply sucking up everything that comes in contact w/it, it spews it seemingly out of nowhere).

I have a straight A report card, my teachers like me, I have tons of friends and several guys who would love to take me out sometime. I love my church, and I have the IQ of a "genius".

I have a life that most would love to have, but I'm just not happy with it right now.


One of my very wise brothers said that if you are physically or emotionally drained, it was probably a good sign that you were spiritually drained.

Maybe that's the problem.

Posted: February 17, 2005 

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