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Saturday – from the Latin Saturn Dies - Saturn’s day – from the same root as Saturnalia – a Roman festival of unrestrained merriment in honour of the God Saturn held in December . (thanks OED)

Well not much change there then here in our modern so called  civilisation, except we of course call it Christmas and thus justify a festival of excess in a  drying, disease and poverty ridden world.  Do we still destroy excess food production to keep the prices up, I wonder?

To return to Saturday though – we got it even better – ever tried getting a drink or even just going for a meal in a city centre recently after 10pm – we have our Saturnalia 52 weeks of the year as a youth festival of binge drinking, sex, and violence – to be fair a lot of it is good natured, but a lot of it aint – they talk of police violence – gosh they deserve a  medal  just for trying on the uniform let alone going out in it on duty – but thank heavens we in GB still lead the world in something even if it is Saturnalia and– which brings us neatly back to where we started – Saturday.

Have a safe weekend

Posted: February 19, 2005 ,   Modified: June 6, 2010

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