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True Love?

DO you think it is possible to have met yor true love when you were in kindergarten? I don't know I was just wondering what it would be like to see one of my best friends when I was little. His name was Scott Pollock, and I believe that he could've been my knight in shining armor. I know that sounds crazy but I think it could happen. We did everything together. He had braces and Dark hair with brown hair. He had freckles on his cheek. He taught me how to rollerblade in his basement. I would go over to his house every day after school and we would eat pop tarts and watch The Land Before Times...all 12 of them lol...not on the same day of course! But I wonder what it woud be like to see him again. I lost contact when I moved in 1st grade and I think it would be neat to see him again. See what he's doing now and what he's done. It would be interesting I think to see him again. I really do think he was my knight in shining armor!

Posted: February 20, 2005 

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