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Off Days

I don't know what makes me think that having an off day at 57 is any different from an "off" day at age 3, except that at 3 I didn't have a name for it, just a reaction. My soul is the same, but my brain collected millions of little images, and sorted, deleted, fragmented them for later reference.  Images will jump out at me just before I fall into a sleep trance. I can spend a few moments re-living all the joys and pains. Then, I find myself increasingly curious about my High School friends, altho, I was probably one of the most Anti- school humans on the planet. I simply could not conform. Team spirit, and assemblies used to freak me out. Having to listen to the school band or watch a football or basketball game = torture. I hated the "pecking orders" and all the idolatry afforded to people who wore better clothes, or lived "on the hill". I imagine a lot of them are now "under the hill."  Still, it would be wild to go to a reunion. I am still in touch with my best friend from school, and trying to find another one...that I miss a lot. I grew up In Maryland...near Beltsville...and Greenbelt.

Posted: February 22, 2005 




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