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It is always amazing to me how music can affect the mood of a person.  For example I was in a perfectly wonderful mood without a thought in my head and then all of a sudden, out of the blue I heard a song on the radio that just completely bummed me out.  There are a only a couple of songs that do that, but it never seems to fail, one always finds me.  It's as if the DJ knows me and wants to see how badly he can bum me out.  The songs that bother me the most are the ones that remind me of past relationships. You know what I mean?  I've been in love a time or two and for each of those relationships there is at least one song that was "Our Song" and those are the songs I refuse to listen to now.  I can go months without hearing them and then just when I have come as close to forgetting as humanly possible some jerk with a sappy streak plays the song.  Why can't all the radio stations play things like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan?  No matter how demented their songs are, they are never relationship-ish songs. And that's why I listen to punk alternative most of the time.
I am unfortunately a nice person.  You know the type that can't say 'No' no matter how fed up they are with the situation.  For example, I am nice enough to go out of my way to pick this lady up for work even though her house is not on my way.  However, nights when she doesn't need me to pick her up she doesn't have the common courtesy to call and say that she doesn't need a ride.  Most people would have been through after the first time this happened, not me.  Oh no, I let her do this not once, but twice.  And twice I have been late for work for it.  Have I said anything to her about it? No.  I just continue to go by and pick her up for work.  What is wrong with me?  You would think that I like to be a doormat for the world.  Maybe I should make a sign that says "Walk on me please.  And if you have muddy feet Stomp on me.  I like it!" It just doesn't pay to be nice to people these days.
It is actually pretty said that I have become this cynical at the age of 22.  I subscribe to the theory that God made someone for everyone.  However, with the luck that I don't have, I am willing to bet money that my someone lives across the country in some state that I have never been to or will never live in again.  Or worse yet, that he is in the military and has been sent overseas to fight the Pointless War (as I have come to affectionately call it).  
Please don't misunderstand me, I support President W and all, I just don't see the purpose of this was in particular.  Everyday I wake up and thank God for small miracles.  My little brother was a soldier in the U.S. Army and got injured just 3 weeks before his Platoon got sent over and killed.  Had my brother not have been such a klutz he would be dead instead of just having a bad knee.  So many people spend their whole lives searching for proof of God and His existance...that is all the proof I need.  

Posted: February 22, 2005 ,   Modified: February 22, 2005


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