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Open Letter to Bill Maher

Dear Mr. Maher,

I was born a bastard in 1968.
Adopted by alcoholics in 1970.
Repeatedly abused, emotionally, physically and, yes, sexually by members of my own family.
When I turned to the world for help all I was offered was marijuana, cocaine, mescaline and sex.  I was abused further and left abandoned at 17 years old, a product of the Westchester elite, in a group home on a dead-end street in New Rochelle.
I'm sure you don't believe in Providence, or Miracles, or any of that, but I have lived the last 20 years Thanks to God.
In the body of Fr. Robert Godley (no pun) and the people of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, God brought me to life.
I went on to have premarital sex with a girl 3 years my junior who got pregnant and we became birthparents in our daughters adoption and then we split.  She finished High School and I moved to the big city of Minneapolis.  But God did not abandon me.
Wherever I turned, God was there.  The year my daughter was born I was brought to a silent Jesuit retreat and came back telling my friends, "I know the risen God!"

Bill, mother lived with her lover for 20 years after leaving dad.  Her lover was my sons God-parent.  We all went to church together.  We all celebrated Jesus together. The past tense is used here because after 20 years we lost Mary Jane to cancer. Her funeral and Memorial Service were celebrations of a life lived fully and a life lived within the sight of Christ.

Now mom is with Bob, but hey, there in their early 70's and they have a great time together.  I am happy for mom.

Being Christian isn't about being insane, Bill, there is plenty else in this world to make you crazy. There is a God. He has a son. Love is what makes the world go 'round.
Peace is a good thing.  The 10 commandments are very good as are the 2 commandments Jesus mentioned.

Jesus didn't need men to dress up in robes and chant around incense.  He just wanted to explain what works.
Fossil fuel is silly.
Nuclear anything is dumb.
Faster guns, cars, drugs these are all ridiculous.

Love...Love is what makes sense. Pretending it doesn't exist, or that it doesn't start somewhere, is a killing trend that your words help foster.  You know God loves you too, Bill.  Don't feel all weird about it, there were plenty of times I doubted it too.  Smoking crack can really mess up your vision on God's love.
But He is there for you and accepts you.

I suppose you will get a lot of hate mail from the Dobson clones,  but remember, they mean well. They just know you have a headache and the aspirin is right here waiting.

Loved "Politically Incorrect" I wish you good fortune in the new show.

Of course, its success relies on God. :)

Posted: February 22, 2005 

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