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What's Up With These Sick Individuals?!?

The Power of Mass Consciousness inspiration!


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The Power of Mass Consciousness inspiration!

  I was introduced to the power of mass consciousness by listening to a radio program called coast to coast am. To me, it is really similar to the power of prayer or the power of manifestation. It is all about thinking in the masses... One event is brought to the attention of a large number of people. Then those people use positive thinking, prayer, and/or meditation to effect the outcome of that event for the positive. I hope this makes since...

  So, I am a believer of Kuan Yin (in the Buddhist religion, she is the goddess who is the protector of women and children).  Well, hopefully this does not offend anyone... I was getting on the inter-net today and I saw the picture of the little girl who came up missing in Florida. I was concentrating on her picture, thinking, "What happened to you?" And all at once this computer did something crazy.  The computer screen started flashing green and red and blue and white. Maybe this computer is whacked, maybe... But, my fiance' informed me that this is usually a save mechanism for this computer. So I believe that this was some kind of sign that this little girl wants to be saved....

 So pray for her rescue, meditate upon her safe return, think positive thoughts for this little girl! She wants to be saved!
I hope I have not offended anyone, but believing in Kuan Yin, and the person that I am naturally, wants to help, and being that I am no where near Florida, this is the only way I can help!



Posted: February 27, 2005 

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