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Please trawl through my ramblings at your lesuire...

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It's Just Teen Angst (Posted: May 20)

Stop being nosey!
Butt out, ok?
Let the adults talk - they don't want you trailing after them.
Nobody asked if they minded babysitting, and to be honest, their patience is running low.

Don't be so naive to assume that anyone actually enjoys your company.
Why would anyone want to be with you?
LOVE you? Are you KIDDING me?
My, you DO think alot of yourself.
What on earth makes you think you're worth a damn?

Stop being so bl**dy selfish, let people get on with their lives, they have better things to do.
Shut up and come back when you know what you're talking about
When you've lived
When your opinions are worth something
When there's a reason why anybody should give a s**t about you.



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