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So called ''MEN''

This is my second blog for the day.  I didn' want to add it to I've changed cus this is about something different, but perhaps realated.

OK. Why do "men" say they love you then leave you when or if you don't go down on them?  Yeah, is dirty. "We dont leave when they dont go down on us."  So why do they get so mad at stupid -ish?  Sometimes brides do things to deserve that but most of the time we dont.  So why do "men" continue to want to hurt brides for no reason?  Me and my girl been hurt so much Im starting to wonder if the L word is even real.  Why should brides go wid "men" when relationships all end up the same.  The L word means nothing. I used to tell my ex when he said that to me "It means nothing unless you show and say it." Well, I guess showing someone you love them means hurting them. When the L word comes out of someones mouth pain is all I end up with in the end.  Pain that lingers and never goes away.  It fades but never fully dies.

Posted: March 2, 2005 ,   Modified: March 2, 2005

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