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     The last few days in the news has been the discussions of whether or not the ten commandments in court houses is constitutional or not.  I consistently hear the argument of the separation of church and state as the reason why it is not. The truth of the matter, there is no such thing as the separation of church and state directly tied to the constitution in any way, shape, or form.  The Constitution discusses a state sponsored religion. What this means is that no religion may be required to hold any government job or position.  Our founding fathers came from an England that only allowed Church of England worshipers to hold positions in their parliament.  They wanted to allow free worship in this country.  This means open worship of ANY religion, Christianity was included in this.  Our founding fathers were devout Christians and based the Constitution, our laws, and their reason to fight the war of freedom that founded America on biblical text.  The Ten Commandments were the foundation of all the laws that were formed.  The first action our first assembly of Congress passed was a national day of prayer.  How does any of this restrict any person's ability to worship their religion of choice openly and without rejection?  It does not.  In fact, to take down these monuments would actually be infringing upon these very rights.  The display of these does not force anyone to adopt Christianity as their personal religion.  Ralph Lieberman is proof of this.  Whether you are a Christian or not, Christianity is a part of the roots of this country.  It is a part of the history of this nation.  Taking down these monuments does not change this.  Taking down these monuments only spits in the face of our founding fathers that died to give you and me the "God given right" to do this very deed as freedom of speech!
     The deeper seed in this recent story is the crusade the ACLU has to wipe out open Christian worship.  We have public schools teaching tolerance of the Muslim religion, but in these same schools prayer is not allowed.  The Muslim religion is not even a tolerant religion if you know anything about the true teachings.  The Koran states to convert all infidels into Islam by any means or slay those who will not conform.  There is nothing tolerant about this.  That being said, if a Muslim does not force those around him or her to conform, then they have a right to worship this openly.  We are told in their spewing of political correctness that using the word Christmas anywhere in a school program is forcing those that are non-Christians to be involved in a religious holiday.  For years, a bunch of atheists still bought each other gifts and put up trees in their homes.  There was no open gripe until our society entered the lawsuit era of the eighties.  We are told to walk on eggshells so we do not offend anybody and this infringes upon the majority's rights in the process.
     Don't let them fool you. They are not in it for equality.  It is all about power and money.  If the ACLU is not attacking your personal rights today it is only because there is no money in that lawsuit.  All people are created equal. This includes Christians.  There are no inquisitions or crusades going on in this country to forcibly convert to Christianity today.  If there were, I would be the first to speak out against it.  All people should have the right to openly display their spiritual beliefs.  Our freedoms were formed under the Christian belief.  We should uphold these religious monuments as the beliefs of our forefathers and fight to protect theirs as well.  Would you appreciate someone going behind you or a loved one when you or they die and wipe away all faith based items left behind for the generations to come?

Posted: March 4, 2005 

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