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Temper, temper, temper

Spitting your dummy out – colloquial expression meaning to get angry, lose one’s temper – same as throwing a wobbler.

Dummy – device used by children to suck, possibly called a comforter or pacifier in America.

Yesterday I spat my dummy out trying to publish what I hoped would be my daily mutterings.   The site kept exhorting me to consider that children used it – suggesting that I was using inappropriate words or phrases.   No matter what I tried I was rejected, and finally dejected, I threw a wobbler.  

I choose my words with care, try not to offend while expressing my opinions, and certainly not use offensive language.  I realise this site is offered freely from across the pond in America, and I am so grateful for this and appreciate it so much, but one of the reasons I spend so much time on my  'puter is that my TV is full of mindlessly violent programmes originating mainly, sadly, in that same America.  This I find more offensive and damaging to children than the odd misused word.  However, each to his own as the philosopher said

I did not intend to use this site again, until I recalled something said by the late Sir Winston Churchill, British with American antecedents as well.   He summed up memorably the relationship between our two nations as (here forgive me if I am not word perfect) “two peoples divided by a common language”

I am back.

If he could put up with that, so can I Grasshopper.

Posted: March 5, 2005 

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