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What is a true friend?
Someone to help you through life’s strange bends.

If I fall will my true friend not catch me?
Have I not given my true friend my hearts key?

How do you know if a true friend cares?
If they show HIS love and keep you in their prayers.

Does not my true friend know me in and out?
Will not my true friend stand by me without the shadow of a doubt?

Why do you need true friends so much?
To pass on the strength of Jesus’ touch.

Has not my true friend encouraged me through good times and bad?
Can my true friend possibly forget the wonderful times we’ve had?

My truest Friend has done these things and more,
HE is what true friends are worth living for.

The End

Scarlet Summer O’Rourke 3-10-05

Just a little something to remind us who our real friends are.

Posted: March 11, 2005 ,   Modified: March 11, 2005

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