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Nothing to Lose


Steak Burgers


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Darn Kids

Steak Burgers

With the prices of ground beef in the store any more and the fact that when you get it home fry it up all you have left is a pan of fat,I found a healthier and cheaper way to make hambergers...
My son just loves em and my daughter eats them too and has no idea about the onions (she hates onions)
 Try them!

   Ma's awesome steak burgers

 Two large thin cut round steak (cut into med pieces)
 1 large yellow onion (cut in fours and peeled)
  1table spoon garlic powder  1 table spoon pepper
4 nice table spoons steak sauce

  In your food prosser add your cuts of steak,garlic ,onion ,pepper
and let the prosser run and grind as you add in the steak sauce.
When meat has formed a mush like consistency remove and form into patties.
In a preheated skillet sprayed with a no stick cooking spray fry your burgers on medium heat still when pressed slightly with a spatula juices run clear...turn heat down to low and top with a slice of cheese and cover pan till cheese has melted.
 serve on toasted bun with a touch of mayo slice of tomato
add ketchup or mustard if you like.

Posted: March 17, 2005 ,   Modified: March 17, 2005

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