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No to Little Regrets

As you read my entries you might be thinking I am obsessed with my ex (my best friend), well to be honest I am a little. I know in one of my entries I make it sound like he broke my heart, but of course hearts don't break and even if they did he didn't break mine. I have no regrets about our relationship. Which in the beginning I thought I would and I am so happy that I was wrong. I was so worried that I would lose the most supportive guy in my life, that I almost wasn't his girl. Glad I was wrong and that he and Anna were right, I was worried about nothing. OK that is wrong I have a few regrets about our relationship, one being that we never saw each other, another being that I didn't tell him how much it hurt me that he would be moving to Miami(which in the end changed him and made me love him even more, (have you ever heard of "Distance makes the heart grow fonder.") the last being that we even broke up to begin with.
Liltee changed me and my life for the better, I am so glad that we met and that we had what we did, and that we still have a great friendship.
I hope every one has the chance to feel the love I have felt for and from Liltee. I hope you all get over the hurt you have felt and let love in and know that it could last FOREVER!! Regardless of your past let it go, if they are worth it they will too!! Regardless of how you have allowed your exes to make you feel, YOU DO DESERVE them and YOU DO DESERVE TO BE LOVED!!

Posted: March 20, 2005 ,   Modified: March 20, 2005

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