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Brain Dead Congerss

G.W. Bush just showed his true colors in the case of the brain damaged Florida woman on life support.  He got congress to pass a law that named her parents as having the right to appeal in federal courts after the state courts ruled that her husband is the legal guardian.  And the Florida courts were careful.  They didnít rush to a decision. Nineteen judges in six courts in seven years had considered this case.  A real conservative would never stomp on states rights like this. To say nothing of congress passing a law that that intervenes in the personal issues of a single family is a clear violation of every principle of American constitutional law. "My party is demonstrating that they are for states' rights unless they don't like what states are doing," stated Christopher Shays Republican congressman of Connecticut on the Schiavo case. An ABC News Poll conducted on Sunday showed a full 70% of the American people were opposed to congress getting involved. This was the use of a politically charged issue by Bush to pay back his evangelical and fundamentalist base for getting out their vote in the last election. To intervene in a tragic family situation for political gain is not moral high ground.  I do think it will back fire on him badly. Any member of a  family who has delt with medical tragedy can't help but be bothered when politicians step in.   The alliance of fundamentalist religion and conservative politicians is a dangerous mix. George Orwell may have missed the mark just a bit.  Big Brother wont be a political fascist but a religious fascist.

Posted: March 22, 2005 ,   Modified: March 31, 2005

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