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No Cents and No Sense

Money Matters Once Again
Prior to being unemployed, no one called offering me $ 4,000 my first month in business, nor had the nerve to ask that I send him an additional  $7,500 for advertising cost ! Do these companies get your IQ score from those 'IQ TEST SITES' and your mental illness record from your mental health professionals?  Do they have people employed  for the purpose of pin pointing the exact time you should be in your manic phase. A red light goes off, buzzers buzzzzzz, buzzzzz, MANIC, MANIC, LOW IQ SCORE RIPE FOR THE PICKIN' call IMMEDIATELY !@@!@@!!!
******* ENDING FROM A PREVIOUS BLOG **********
My house refinance is a good deal. A friend of my daughter's looked over it - she knows how to add, subtract, multiply and divide and knows percentage rates!!! She is a broker. She told me what to ask and (after seeing my face turn pale at the mention of numbers) even wrote the questions down in big bold letters and numbers. So, if you are thinking of refinancing your home; I do know an honest man; his name is Michael Amine at Quicken Loans; I chose the Smart Choice Loan.
Now, about the most recent mess Mistress Mania has left me drowning in dollars and cents and NO plain ole common SENSE. ZILCH!!!!

The INTERNET offers so many ways to 'earn' great sums of money and all you have to do is sit and watch the money roll in.
A normal person with SENSE would know ---Something sounds terribly wrong.  On the other hand, a person without SENSE and BIPOLAR - in the MANIC PHASE might just tear off all their clothes and run naked all around the asylum.
Have you met Mistress Mania?  Any Bipolar person knows Mistress Mania AND Master De-Press-Ah-Me - all too well. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, Ha Ha - no one is innocent in the BIPOLAR REALMS)

The two work in consort.  Mistress Mania sets you up for a fall; she is the money spender, a real goer, spender,HAVE FUN, SPEND FOR WE ALL DIE TOMORROW TYPE.
Then, in slumps Master De-Press-Ah-Me.
Never stopping criticizing you, telling you just exactly how bad, stupid, ugly, dense, spastic -- anything negative-- you are, a shame to the entire human race. A shame, total embarrassment!!
This company promises to refund my money - I will find out this week or next -- I WILL MOST DEFINITELY WRITE IN MY BLOG --- how it turns out and will name names.
The man called today -- His sole mission in life is to make me wealthy
He will sleep on the streets - as long as I become stinking rich!! Such dedication, how self-less. OH, and when asked a SIMPLE question, how long have you been in business ? Do you think he answered the question straightforward?  Heee Heeeee .  Right, he went all the way around the world and NEVER came close to the answer!!! Trust him? Well, NO.
My husband is terminally ill; he needed care while talking with the selfless, most surely angelic man. Did he say I will call you back tomorrow? Did he say "Call me when you have time to understand what I am saying?" OF COURSE NOT!! 'I'll wait'.  I wanted to ask him, have you had a family member, loved one dying and you are the sole caretaker? Will finish later.....

Anyone reading this and can identify with my plight AND can help me escape from this latest Mania Blunder, or want to laugh with me, Help!

Posted: March 24, 2005 


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