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The Slow Lane

I need to kick back a bit. I have been pouring out creative energy, and I need to save up a few calories for the big trip next month. My birthday is soon. Writing has become somewhat addictive, but I don't wish to make the mistake of forcing words onto the screen. Burn out is worse than writer's block. Burn out affects the body. Writer's block affects the psyche.
 There are people in our lives, as well, and we can't neglect them. On the other hand, we can't give them something we don't have, either. From childhood, we are taught to give selflessly, and "do for others"...but we must also take care of ourselves. Most people do not want the responsibility for another persons happiness. Life is a constant struggle for balance. A neglected self doesn't help anyone in the long run. First be healthy. Then share. If that isn't enough, find some new friends.
C March 25 2005 Stargazer

Posted: March 25, 2005 




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