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Easter Sunday, England

I am not a religious person, but I believe in the right of every individual to follow his/her own beliefs in freedom.  This does not include the right to enforce them on others.  That is an abuse.  Tolerance yes, compulsion no.

I do believe in the values I was taught as a child under the guise of Christianity, (though whether the version hammered out by Paul bears much relationship to the original is a moot point) and I do try to live by them.

The point is, I was taught them.  I received religious instruction, Bible knowledge, and was able to make my own decision from a point of not total ignorance.  

I respect your beliefs, be they Christian (any sect), Jewish, Muslim, Buddhism, and any other I not listed through lack of space or ignorance.  I envy the comfort they must bring the believer.

My Sunday Times tell me today that believers and non believers (by which I take it they mean Christian) is now equal at 44%, with less than 8% attending church.  The Bible tells   in a parable that that is fine  - prayer in the heart is better than  public display.

What makes me unhappy is that the article goes on to say 50% of us have no idea what happened to Christ at Easter.  In a nominally Christian country!!!!!

How can a reasoned decision be made without such essential basic knowledge.  Is it in this country we are so busy appeasing other beliefs that we are too frightened to instruct children in our own heritage??  The baby has gone out with the bath water.

This coupled with the facts that we have poor education standards, almost a total ignorance of healthy eating standards, and seemingly very few of the old values is worrying.

Sadder even is that we donít seem to care, or even know,  in general that we are the boors of Europe.

Hang on though; that means we are good at something, even if it is being the best at being useless.

Way to go !!

Thereís hope yet, Grasshopper.


Posted: March 27, 2005 

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