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Times they are a-changing

Life's Little Blunders


Times they are a-changing

Times they are a-changing.

Changing times are frequently confused with progress.   Progress to me, does not necessarily mean change.  For instance much hype is made over the changes in our lifestyle; changes in ones lifestyle does not mean progress every time.  Often the change is a regression rather than a progression.

The English language has undergone a drastic change from the time I was a lad some 60-70 years ago.   A few examples follow; I was a ďgayĒ young man (meaning back then that I was happy) now if I said I was gay, I would be classified as a homosexual, cool was a state of weather, now it is something good, far out meant somewhere at a distance, I really donít know just what the modern day meaning is.  So, on and on we go and next month or next year there will be new words to confuse me further.  I wish the young folk would consider the super seniors when they invent some new word and provide us a dictionary.

Another changing times are music.  I grew up in the big band era and country music, both of which I enjoy; however, the modern day music, and to be more specific, acid rock, rap, hard rock is not anything I can enjoy.  Iím not sure how any of the young folk can hear anything; the music is so loud that it will, Iím sure, in time damage their hearing.

Oh well, more later.

Posted: March 27, 2005 ,   Modified: March 31, 2005

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