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Easter to Me

Easter to me means I am set Free
Set free from all my sins
Jesus Christ Died to free me

I am full of sins
And only through Christ can I be forgiven
Through Christ is where life begins

I have and still walk the path of wrong
Christ and God is calling my name, calling be back
They call my name for change and I must be strong
Evil is all around, out there thick
The Holy Spirit can lead me away from the evil
To stay clear of evil it is Christ I must pick

Accept Him in my life
To be my Bridegroom
And I will be to him liken a wife

Through the blood there is life
Life from evil and Hell
I just want to always love Christ
He died on the cross to give me life
Oh so many years ago, He shed His blood
He arose from the grave, and came back to life.
Tammi Pitman


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