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Times they are a-changing

Life's Little Blunders



Shorty is a man of small stature with a heart as big as all outdoors.  He never met a person he didn't like.

One fine day while strolling down 5th avenue he spied an elderly lady carrying two bags of groceries.  Quickly he rushes up to her and asks if he may relieve her of her burden.  Not knowing Shorty or what to think of the encounter, she is skeptical of his intentions.  After some persuasion, Shorty convinces her that he wants only to help her and be a good neighbor.

She gives Shorty her bags and proceeds to walk on with Shorty in tow.  After many blocks, Shorty asks her where she lives; she replies “just a few more blocks”.  Rounding a corner Shorty spies a run down brownstone that looks like it is from a war zone.  She turns in and proceeds up three flights of stairs to an apartment that is sparsely furnished.  By this time Shorty is huffing and puffing from the long walk and stair climbing.

The nice lady offers Shorty a cup of tea and he accepts.  She offers him a sandwich for his trouble, and he tells her that he is not hungry.  He hurriedly finishes his tea and departs.

This encounter was preying on Shorty’s mind and he decided to go back and check on the nice lady.  Approaching the rundown brownstone he notices a condemned notice on the main door.  He rushes upstairs to find an empty apartment.  Surprised that he cannot find the nice lady, he begins to ask around the neighborhood about her.  No one seems to know of whom he speaks.  His inquiry proceeded to the city offices where he was told that no one had lived in that building for years.

Perplexed, Shorty mulls this over in his mind for some days, and then finally concludes that he had encountered an Angel.

The moral of this story is, be kind to all that cross your path in this life.  God just may be sending you an Angel to test your sincerity.

More later.

Posted: March 29, 2005 ,   Modified: March 29, 2005

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