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The Fallen Angel

His angels' wings were clipped away -
So much to his sad dismay -
And his gold locks turned almost white (This God did just to spite.)
The Angel wandered slowly on
To a place that was so far gone
That little devils often called,
"It's so funny to watch an angel fall."
The disheartened angel fled
To lay in his already-made bed.
Silver tears trickled down his face.
He was far from an angelic place
He felt so lonely and angered too.
How could God - this to me - do?
After all,
We were once friends;
And relationships sometimes get bends.
I blame it all on Adam and Eve.
They are why God made me leave.
I was so tempted to lead them on.
That fruit was good,
What is so wrong?
I know,
I tricked them on that day
You punished them,
Then you sent me away.
You could ever accept my apology,
Why then,
I'm sorry!

Posted: March 30, 2005 

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