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Going, Going, Gone!!






There Was A Man

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There Was A Man

There was a man who had suffered with several diseases for upwards of twenty years, although he had been healed by God many times, he had not received healing for these.

He heard of an Evangelist that was praying for the sick with great miracle results; he resolved to go to this Evangelist for prayer.

One warm summer evening he made his way to the altar and asked the Evangelist to pray for him.  “What do you desire from the Lord tonight”? The Evangelist asked.  Healing of my physical heart the man replied.  The Evangelist prayed for him and he was immediately healed and began praising God. “Is there something else you desire from God tonight”?  Healing of the diabetes that torments my body.  The Evangelist prayed for him and God immediately healed the diabetes.  He began praising God for his healing.

Again the Evangelist asked him if there were other healings he desired from God.  He mentioned several other diseases of his body and one by one as the Evangelist prayed for him, God would heal him until he could no longer think of anything to ask for.

The Evangelist said, “now that you have been healed of the many diseases, you need to go to work for the Lord in appreciation of His goodness”.  He promised faithfully to follow the admonition of the man of God.  As an after-thought, he said to the Evangelist, “there are so many things that I have been wanting to do and since I no longer have these infirmities to deal with, I will be able to pursue them.

The man of God spoke up, “but you said you were going to work for God in appreciation for what He has done for you”.  Yes I did, but I didn’t mean right now.  After I pursue all these other things I will surely work for God all the days of my life”.

The Evangelist was saddened and asked the man to bow before God as he prayed for him.  He asked God to guide and protect him and to direct his life in such a way that it would bring honor and glory to God.

Just then the man of God heard the man groan and he asked him what was wrong.  I have all my old aches and pains back he replied.  My diseases have returned!

The Evangelist endeavored to explain what had happened.  “God healed all your diseases and you turned your thoughts to the world; this displeases God very much.  The many times when you were walking the floor with your body racked with pain, thinking every breath would be your last, God saw you through.  During five heart attacks, two open-heart surgeries, and many angioplasties, again God saw you through.  During the troubling times with diabetes when you lost the feeling in your feet, when your eyes would blur and you could hardly see, God saw you through even to the point of correcting your vision to 20/20 and now you don’t have to wear glasses which you never liked anyway.  When your blood pressure was running rampant and your heart palpations caused you to loose your breath, once again God answered.  You called on God to save your family and your sister and brother bowed the knee before God.  Not to mention the headaches, the pain, the colds, the flu and all those other little irritants of life.  God has always been there and never once did He say, I have something else I want to do, I’ll heal you later”.

So you see God has shown you that He can deliver you from all your diseases; however, He has also shown you that the diseases He doesn’t deliver you from keeps Him on your mind and in your heart.  When God is the only healer in the house, when the medical doctors have done their all, when modern medicine has failed--GOD NEVER FAILS.  I believe this was shown to you as a lesson.  God does not permit diseases to come upon one because He hates us; rather, because He loves us.  It becomes too easy to turn from God if we have no further need of Him.

The apostle Paul was plagued by a thorn in his side all the days of his life.  We all have our thorns.  Thank God He has promised to make a way for us and to not burden us with more than we can bear.

This experience will follow this man all the days of his life.  It may have been a dream, it may have been a vision, I only know that it was sent from God.


More later.

Posted: March 31, 2005 ,   Modified: March 31, 2005

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