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Terri Schiavo

Today a young lady died in America, after a long and tragic illness.

As a father my heart goes out to those bereaved parents.

I do not know the personal circumstances but the situation between themselves and their son-in -law must have been terrible for all parties.

Nobody wins in tragic circumstances like this.

No comment on the role of politicians and the judiciary in this, except there did seem to be some unseemly haste at times.

I suppose it does reinforce the independence of the judiciary in a democracy.

The medical profession Ė a no win situation where so many have the arrogance to want to live for ever and the tools are there to prolong life in a manner not imagined only 10 years ago.

So, damned if they do; damned if they donít.

They disconnected her feeding tube, and she died.

If it is decided there is no hope why not a merciful injection?

But to starve her to death!!

Please donít ever let me ever face even a quarter of the agony and grief those parents and siblings and family must feel, will probably for the rest of their feel lives.

I am truly truly sad for all concerned.

May they live in peace with their memories and come to terms with their consciences.

Posted: March 31, 2005 

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