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I would like to make a few observations on weeping--its cause and effect.

John 11:35 says “Jesus wept”.  This was when he visited Mary and Martha when their brother Lazarus died.  Why did Jesus weep?  Think on this and we will get back to it later.

The Bible speaks of weeping from Genesis to Revelations.  Weeping is to cry intensely, mourn, or lament.  God must have placed some importance on weeping or lamenting; He caused a book of the Bible to be written on this topic, the book of Lamentations.  Someone said that weeping cleanses the soul.

Some scriptures on types of weeping:
1)  Sympathetic              Romans 12:15;
2)  Hypocritical              Judges  14:16,17;
3)  Secret                        Jeremiah 13:17;
4)  Permanent                 Matthew  8:12;
5)  Divine                       John   11:35.  This is the scripture we opened with.

Some causes of weeping:
1)  Despair                     Genesis  21:16;
2)  Death                        Genesis  50:1;
3)  Love                         Genesis   29:11;
4)  Restraint of Joy        Genesis   42:24;
5)  Joy or Reunion         Genesis   33:4;
6)  Hearing God’s Word  Nehemiah 8:9.

Back to our opening statement, why did Jesus weep?

We just looked at sympathetic weeping and Jesus surely was sympathetic to Mary and Martha and so He wept with them.  Also, He had great love for Lazarus his friend, and even though He knew He was going to raise him from the dead, He must have wept over Lazarus having to suffer the pangs of death.  

Jesus the Lord of the universe crying for a mere mortal; Jesus, the one that was there when it all began has now shed tears for his friend; Jesus, who never lost His Lordship when He was born of the virgin Mary, is now showing His human side.  He is not only weeping sympathetically and lovingly, He is now weeping divinely.  The greatest man that ever walked the earth and the epitome of manhood now weeps for His friend.

Some men weep openly and unashamedly--others will never shed a tear (must be a macho thing).  Most women will weep openly; they are not inhibited as much as men are.

Let me leave you with this reminder.  Tears are water for your spiritual garden just as rain from God is water for your vegetable garden, the big difference is; too much rain on your vegetables will ruin them, but, there can never be too much spiritual rain on your spiritual garden.

The more it rains or the more tears you shed before the Lord, the more love grows and the closer you get to God.   SO KEEP WATERING!!

More later.

Posted: April 2, 2005 

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