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God/sinus infection/school shootings

I feel like I am letting God down by ignoring His almighty call for me to prophesy and share love in His glorious name.  I know I have a sinus infection and have had a few vicodin 'cause of the sinus pain, but that was hours ago.
Jesus was really here. We all know that. The Great Being that we refer to as God is real. Even though that doesn't seem to fit in our minivan-Hummer  High speed Internet Hip-hop/Rap/death metal lifestyles it is true.
The Bible is 100% accurate. our view on sin/love/grace and all that has been so skewed that we now live in a world with 12 year old prostitutes and 15 year olds killing everyone in their school.  
Ask yourself...How many known child abusers live on your block?  How many unknown?  
There is peace in God. A message to  come out of the Crucifixion of Christ might be, "Look at how stupid we have become!"  And going forward we will love each other and enjoy this awesome planet we have been trusted with.
Instead, for generations, we have sided with those that want war.  Those that want Death.  It's as if people are walking around saying, "look at me, I get to choose who dies".  
We do not have to   be these people.
If we worked together we'd all have clean water,  clean air, fresh food,  education and emotional stability.
It is not impossible, In fact it is what God promises.
Love your neighbor as your self.  
It is midnight, I have to go to sleep.
I love you Jesus, I love you Neal and I love you Dad!

Thank you for bringing me with you on your journey with God.

Posted: April 2, 2005 

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