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Not sure I am ever any good!

Here I sit, thoughts in my head.
So I write them down on paper.
Thinking I am writing a poem, of course, does this mean I really am?

I read other people’s poems
How they sound awesome, great
Mine sound nothing compared to theirs.
Making me question myself, can I do this?

Do I make sense? Am I clear?
Am I writing a poem, or just jumble?
I guess it doesn’t cause harm to try.
Practice makes a person better right?

I feel I need to keep trudging along
Trying to do the best I can, to make words into poems.
It is a dream of mine to be a poet, can the dream ever come true?

I am unsure of my talents, this I know,
Maybe if I was more positive I could do better with my words.
I just need to keep trying, keep writing, keep hoping, and dreaming.
Maybe one day I will make it.
Tammi Pitman

Posted: April 3, 2005 

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