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I dont know

Purple Knee Rain Surgery

Blah Blah Blah #2

The Only Entry in my Guestbook

Tonight we will remember


What is "Real"?

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I love my kids.  With junior getting to be 8 this year it is now time to realize that these are not just youngsters I know, or really young friends, but actually MY kids. Wonderful, God given gifts that make me laugh, cry, yell and lose my mind.
Today I had an MRI on my right knee. I might have to have some kind of surgery on it.
1987 - appendecidis/infection in the hospital for 3 weeks
1988- overdose/in hospital stay for what a month, six weeks?
1989 - Drug Treatment 30 days in treatment center 3 months in the halfway house
1997 - Seizure/epilepsy treatment 2 or three weeks
1999 - depression one week in the mental ward
2000 - depression back in the mental ward

2002 - brain surgery a week in the hospital a month at home
2003 - Sleep Apnea one over night
2005 - Root canal surgery
2005 - knee surgery?

I got the Pope's book "on the threshold of hope" from the library today.  I often feel like I am on the threshold.
I can't wait to walk in.

Posted: April 6, 2005 

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