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The Pain, I bare

The pain I bare, is not an emotional one
The pain I bare does not hurt from the heart

The pain that I bare, it is physical
It is in my head, throbbing, aching pains I feel

I no not where they come from
I know not what causes them
I seek out comfort from pills
Or from sleeping, rest, or sometimes even food

But none seems to really work when my head
wants to really hurt, throb, pound, and ache

Where does it come from, what causes them?
Will this go on for the rest of my life?

The pain, is consuming, it consumes my life
When it hits, I am under itís control.

So unfair, I am so young, I donít need this illness
I donít need it taking my life over.

How can it be stopped?
This I continue so seek the answer to.
Tammi Pitman

Posted: April 8, 2005 


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