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Misuse of Love

My Thoughts on Long distance relationships and Internet.

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More than a pretty face.

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More than a pretty face.

Dam I am getting so discouraged in my search for a mate.
No I don't have any trouble attracting men,the problem is the men I seem to attract.
 Sorry if what I am about to write seems stereotypical but for me it has become a fact of truth.
A truth that brings me to one simple question," are all the men today in my age group just looking for sex?"
 Daily I get tons of e-mail and instant messages from men who seem to want nothing more then to become failure with my flesh way before ever getting to know me the woman.
To which I feel is their loss as I am so much more than a pretty face.I have a heart of gold ,and a well rounded mind and so much love to offer but nobody seems to want that....have we become so cold a race of humans or is it that we have shut off our emotions and closed our hearts off to others and fear true intimacy and commitment?
  I know I am beginning to feel like I don't belong here on this planet anymore and I simply don't fit in...how can we be so free to share our bodies with just anyone in a day with all these fatal disease's that can and will hinder and possible destroy life?
 I don't know about the rest of you ,but I know for myself that I want to know ,care about and love the person I'm swapping spit and sweat with and exchanging bodily fluids...what ever happen to giving a dam first?

Posted: April 12, 2005 

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