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Am I still a person?

Going for disability,
Does this mean I am less then a full person?
Am I weak, a free loader?
NO! Life canít be so, people shouldnít feel so,
But I know they do, and they know me not,
They donít know what I go through day after day.
Life has thrown me some hard knocks, and yet, I am STILL a somebody , in this world, and life. I still am a somebody, able to do
 Things, even if I am no longer able to work.
Donít judge me till you have
Walked in my shoes.
Then maybe you would know,
Know what it is to be me,
And understand why I no longer able to
Hold down a job.
By Tammi Pitman

Posted: April 20, 2005 ,   Modified: April 23, 2005

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