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Well, he called me this morning. He asked me if I was willing to talk. I said that I'll listen. We was on the phone for 2 hours.  Well even though my friend told me to break up wid him...I didn't. But I did tell him to look for a new girl he said he aint wont to. He said that he is sitting there begging me for forgiveness and he dont neva do that.  Yeah..OK! Well we talked about alot. I told him almost everything I wrote in my blog yesterday about holding on to nothing.  Well... at the end of our conversation that was pointless because he said that he loves me(but not in love).  Well when we got off the phone quess who called. His ex. She said that they have still been sleeping together all this time. While we was on the phone he beeped in. He showed up where she was.  So we both came to the agreement that he needed to choose, and now. He chose her. I'm not really mad because she is having his child.

Posted: April 23, 2005 

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