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Come Away With Me To A Wonderful  Place

You and I, alone, together going away to a wonderful place,
How sweet does that sound to you my dear one?
I love you, and need a alone time, I know you understand this,
I know you will oblige me. In this trip, just you and I.
Holding one another, kissing, touching, yes, alone, you and I, in this wonderful place, where we can be ourselves , just you and I, heart to heart, how great that will be?
I truly love my dear, and only will I travel to this wonderful place, to be with you, and only you alone, in such a great, sweet, loving place.
Talking, touching, kissing, and being ourselves, where else would we want to be my love? There is no where else greater, or better, then being in that wonderful place, where the hearts can beat as one, thump thump,thump thump hear them speak to one another, as we lie together in that wonderful place, you and I, Oh, it is great indeed, you and I, kissing, and touching one another, as our hearts beat harder for one another, thump , thump they speak.
Come, come my love, lets go away to that wonderful place that is just for you and I, you and I to share everything, heart, soul mind, love, kisses, touches, speech, everything about each other is open there in that wonderful place, made just for you and I my love, my dear, so come away with me, and you will see.
You know, and feel , and experience love unlike you can recall,  so YES come away, come with me my love.
By: Tammi Pitman

Posted: April 27, 2005 

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