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Embracing Death

Take my breath and all my feelings so that I may feel no more,lay me in with dirt and ashes beneath the mother earths floor,one last time you may spit upon me before the hole is filled for you have all the power and I have no more will.Broken down so low I crawl,easier to kick me with your feet,but will you now that I can feel no more,oh death you taste so sweet.For all you hold to offer me and release me from my pain,to stop my foolish heart ,to never love again...no more doors to open up and allow simple men to come in and destroy,yes sweet death embrace me now for I am your new toy!No more tears from loneliness ,no pain from broken heart,no feelings of worthlessness ,I leave this earth today,for life is not worth living when all you are is a game for someone to play.

Posted: April 29, 2005 ,   Modified: April 29, 2005


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