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This Side Of Heaven

Why the Wind

Hopeless vs Hopeful

5 Random Riddles From Some Strange Teens

This one is for the guys, but girls are welcome too

This Is Me

Why The Sea

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5 Random Riddles From Some Strange Teens

Q 1. Soft as a petal that falls from a tree, the more I dry the wetter I’ll be. What am I?

Q 2. What class did Jesus probably excel in other than Bible?

Q 3. How many Presbyterians does it take to change the time on a clock?

Q 4. What do you call a Baptist and a Presbyterian when they go deer hunting together?

Q 5. What is the last thing a teen ever receives?

Scroll down....

A litlle more.......

Do you realy want to know.....

I warned you

A 1. A towel

A 2. His Story (history) By Scarlet O’Rourke

A 3. Four, One to do the changing and three to stand around and debate whether it was predestined to change or not. By Rachel B.

A 4. Dunked and sprinkled doe nuts (Baptism joke) By Scarlet O’Rourke

A 5. The right to their own opinion  By Scarlet & Thomas O’Rourke

Posted: April 30, 2005 

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