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Blah Blah Blah #2

I signed up for this daily meditation email.

Insert your own joke here.
It says everything you expect.  In fact I think it should be called a Daily Cliche email. You know, "Make your Journey the Destination"  "To have a friend you must Be a Friend"  "Good things go to good people"
All the same all stupid things that morons like me have been trying to live by since we discovered them in the self help books our dis-eased parents or Alcoholic siblings left around the house. Only to discover that even when you follow the Ten Commandments for A Loving Relationship, you still get burned and lose.
You know that feeling like, Why even try when I am the ONLY one trying?  "You only get what you give" doesn't work if no one else is doing it.  Experience says, when we give and give people will just take, and with no one giving not only do you end up feeling like a fool, you know damn well that you are one.
But, "You Never Win By Quitting" so you keep trying and failing. It's like playing tug-of-war with someone who isn't pulling. What's the point? You end up with a lot of rope and still no relationship.

A day might come at an  Anonymous meeting when you see that special someone peering over their personal inventory at you, and you realize that you both have many of them same books with pictures of Rainbows and words like "Hope" in the title. And you bring them home. This is it! You think.  This is the perfect relationship that I can be perfect in because they are reading the same books and being as perfect as me and we can be perfect together even in our faults, because when they come we will consult the book see what we should do, and then get back to being perfect!
Finally, someone to pull on the other side of the rope! And it's not so bad until you get sick of being pulled into the mud. And you hate seeing your 'special other' covered with mud. And there is nothing in any of the books that tells you how to LIVE happily ever after, it only tells how to GET to happily ever after.
All the books tell us how to go from frog to prince, but never how to live as a prince.

There is a way to avoid all this.  Find God. Make a friend out of our Lord Jesus Christ and we will never have to deal with this cycle again.
Trust me it works. When I feel the world sucking me in with it's pretensions and false promises, I look to Jesus who kinda laughs with me saying, wryly, "Can you believe all this?"

Posted: May 5, 2005 

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