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A Happy Mothers Day!

I don't mean to brag...wait a minute yes I do...lol!
 I am so blessed by god with the greatest young people in my life that any parent could ask for...and their mine,thats the crazy part.
Me messed up single ma could actually do something right,my young adult children are a couple of the finest young people as they are bright,Witty,loving and responsible how much more could any parent want? It's wonderful to be treated special and being both mom and dad I get two special days of well treatment.
 But my kids are so cool that every day is my special day...why don't we have holidays to celebrate our wonderful children?
 You know the great kids who go too school and have jobs,the kids who don't run the streets are not having sex or parting every chance they get.
  The kids who will tell you with out you asking whats going on in their lives and who know your rules are set for their safety and not to be imposing.
  Who rewards the great ones or celebrates the goodness in our children ,the children who with no complaint will take care of an ill or incapacitated parent and still go to school and do whats right.
  Not fall behind due to the heavy load just dropped in their lap.
See as I feel they deserve a day..my days are all happy mother's days
as I am happy just to be the proud mother of Shannel and Michael Gods gift to me....a gift that I Cherish with all my heart and soul
I don't deserve them but I am so glad that god lent them out too me.

 Thanks Kids for making my life worth living I hope all your dreams come true as you both truly are deserving.

 Love you always,

Posted: May 8, 2005 

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