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I judge you for the things you do

I judge you for just being you

You turn your face from children's screams

You kick around their broken dreams

To afraid to cause a stir

You rush on in endless blur

And deep inside anger grows

because the horrors you see and know

You want to try keep kids from pain

But telling some one gets no gain

Cause the world is filled with other yous

Who never stop to help others through

We're all running lifes busy race

hiding, so we don't loose face

You are just a waste of space

Then a thought came to me

that i dont answer my cousins plee

Cause i'm afraid some one will yell

Then i look at this story i tell

My hatred isnt toward you but me

Cause i wont help a child free

So judge me for the things i do

Judge me now, cause im just like you!


Posted: May 10, 2005 

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