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Are You Spinning Your Wheels??

There are times in ones life when it seems that no matter what is attempted, itís as though the wheels of a vehicle is trapped in a mud puddle spinning, this is surely a good analogy.  You cannot go forward nor can you go in reverse.  You are trapped there until you get help from someone, and that someone more likely than not is when you call upon the Lord.

When trouble overtakes you and you are very distraught over some little thing, when you think that the world is closing in on you and you can see no way out, when all else fails, there is Jesus standing there ready, willing, and able to correct all your problems.  Try as you may most of the time you will fail; however, Jesus will never fail you whether you have a large problem or small one.  His power is all-sufficient and He stands ready to answer your call day or night.

I recall times back in the mountains of east Kentucky before we had paved roads, when the rain would come and the old dirt road would turn to mud puddles, one could get stuck there very easily.  Spinning wheels were the norm then.  Problem was, we were not saved and never thought to call on Jesus for help.

Those times when you have spinning wheels, call on Jesus first and see how quickly He relieves your problem.  A tow truck cannot help you with that problem, only Jesus.

Posted: May 11, 2005 

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