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Good things don't come in pairs

So the title today is random just like life.  I once heard this phrase and I am not really convinced.  I think this was just started because mothers and fathers wanted there children to marry off and be dependent upon each other.  Speaking of relationship.  As I was procrastinating to get out of bed at 11:30 this thought crossed my mind.  Some people are just better at being single then being a couple and vice versa.  I have been uterly confused for many years about why I have never had a boyfriend. Readers if you don't know me it is not because I am ugly.  I am what people call a classic beauty, if this was the 1940's or 50's I would be in Hollywood or Miss America.  Anyway, i am good at being single!   I have done it for so long that now I think if a relationship with someone was possible, I think I would be uncomfertable with it.  Like what do I do on a date?  How do I touch him?  Can I touch him?  What do I say? Can I say whatever I want?  I think you all get the point.  Now, this was on the 1 and 3 million chance that anyone asks me out.  I think what I need is a guy who is confident and relaxed to make me relaxed.  Because right now I am good at being single but maybe one day I will be good at being with someone.  
On that thought,  I went to class today for two hours.  The walk to class was hot.  I forgot what summer felt like.  It has been so long, that all these memories of going to the zoo and swimming at the pool all came up.  Gosh, I really want to go to the zoo.  
Went to diner.  the food was good it was mac and cheese night.  It is one of the only things that I can not resist.  The conversation was also sort of good.  Being able to keep a conversation and start a conversation is one of the most important things that every person should learn.  When I first started to eat diner with this group I was highly affended that no one would talk to me.  When someone new enters a already established group it is only polite for that group to talk to the new person.  Anyway, i guess these people did not get that memo.  I am past that now and on occasion they do talk to me, but not often.  So, diner was good.  
As I am writing this I want you to know that The West Wing totally rocks.  I have been watching this show for awhile, on and off again.  To most people it is classified as a drama but for some reason I think of it as a comedy.  I love the show, I wish that we had a president like Bartlet and people like Tobey and Josh.  However we are stuck with Bush who does not have even a half a drop of elegance, civility, and/or charm.  It is my personal belief that in the world that we live in the Monroe Doctrine is no longer a possiblity.  For those who do not know what this is, this is the forieng police that America had up untill WW1.  It basicly said that the United States would mind their own buissness if the world minded their own buissness.  In a world where the partnership between contries is and not offending contries can mean the differance between peace and war.  How the figure heads of our country carry, speak, look, and especially think effect us and the citizens of the world.  Ok, so I ranted a bit.  I just can not help myself sometimes.  
So I really hate to leave this blog with that rant but I think you all are going to get bored with me.  So, everyone be good and enjoy your day,

Posted: May 11, 2005 

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