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What's Up With These Sick Individuals?!?

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What's Up With These Sick Individuals?!?

   Has America gone insane, or what? Out of control children, children being murdered and molested... need I go on? I think not; we hear about it everyday... but golly, what is wrong with these folks?

   Do these people not understand morals, the difference between right and wrong, or the boundaries they cross when they have the nerve to kill someone, or rape someone... let alone do those things to our innocence. It makes me sick to think what those children go through. No wonder our children are going insane. There is no telling what is being done to them, and no one is the wiser...

   What kind of punishment is out there? How about not nearly enough!  Sure, a few years in prison...heck, life is you are lucky. But, prison has gotten a little to comfortable if you ask me. Prison is not punishment anymore. It seems to me to be a free hotel that the tax payers get to provide because... oh, I don't know...because there is always hope for people to change, or prison is like a second chance or somehting... To me there is no good reason! It is a load of crap.

   I have done nothing at all, and probably (I say probably because I have never been to prison) have it a heck of a lot harder than the prisoners do. I work my but off most days of the week to earn what very little I have... and would not have a place to live without the generosity of others... But, I am paying for classes, television, and God knows what else for people who have done God knows what! Where s the justice in all of this? I just don't see it!

   Getting back to the violence, hate crimes, murders, child molestation/murders... Where did these people come from?  I mean sure, there is the classic, "They were molested as child to," and "They grew up in a violent home," and can't forget "They grew up in a bad neighborhood." Yeah, well so was I, so did I... But, I remember how I felt as a child, and, I have morals, and I know write from wrong, and I would not wish my childhood on anyone. Maybe I just I have a big heart... or a lot of common sense... I think I have both! But, what about the people who had the perfect life growing up, huh? What's the excuse there? Oh, let me guess... a mental disorder. Has anyone ever thought that maybe these sick individuals are just possessed by demons or something, cause that's what I see! But, that's not a medical term! So, back to my original question... Has America gone insane or what?
Thanks for reading.


Posted: May 13, 2005 

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