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The Only Entry in my Guestbook

There is only one entry in my guestbook. It is from a woman I truly only knew as a girl.  A hell of a girl, yes, but I lost touch with her around 20 years ago when we were around 20 years old.  Why is 37 the same as 40 but 17 is a lifetime from 20?
Sharon was a year ahead of us in school, which made her that much cooler than the rest us, not mention she could drive first, and was drop dead pretty.
She was an only child, the daughter of the nicest cop in town. One time, when there was a family of raccoons in my parents chimney, her dad came and smoked them out by lighting a small fire. This was all told to me - not by anyone in my family - by Sharon, who we all called Shay, when she explained that her new pet, "Chatter", was one of the coons that came out of my house.
Sharon was very GOOD.  Except maybe that one time when I was riding on the hood of her car and she decided to rev the engine.  The idea was to make me THINK she was suddenly going fast, when indeed she wasn't.  I fell for it, and tried to leap off the slow moving car, which she was putting into gear.  Nothing really happened except that I was embarrassed.
We kissed a few times but anything more than that was forbidden by fate and Shay.  Disappointed, I was, at the time.  Not just because I was a typical lust filled teenage boy in Ardsley.  I don't know if she knew it but I saw her as some kind of status symbol. I knew some of the boys she was with in the past, Tommy, Andre, and I didn't think much of them.  Still I thought that people would like me more if I went around with her. If I was her boyfriend nothing bad in my life would matter.  
So, like I said, a life time has passed since I really knew Shay.  And we are both married with kids.  Thanks to email and Classmates we reconnect once-in-a-while. Wen I get bored of this century I like to look back at the 1980's.  Sharon, it's no surprise that you are the only entry in my guestbook. You were one of my only supporters back then, and you still support me now. Thanks, Shay.

Posted: May 15, 2005 

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