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First time

k well i just start this so i don't know what to say i'm 13 and i'm in 7'th grade and i have a crush on a sophmore and he likes me back. i'm a church girl so this is why i decided to start 1) it's easier than a diary and 2) my friends don't know about it! so joel is the one i was talking about earlier he's so sweet awww..... i like him much and i went over to his house saturday and we went for a walk then we stopped at the park and i put my head on his and he put his on mine then being the goof ball he is he pretended to be asleep and started to snore to was 2 funny. he has a bunny called maddy and she just got  spayed the other day. by the way he's comeing over to my house this saturday on friday our youth group called teen fusion is going to go to a youth rally. it's soooo cool they preach 2 you at youth rallys oh yeah my mom said joels to old but i don't care i've never felt this way about someone. let's just say that i've never cried over a boy i liked. and on the way home from our youth convention i was crying cause i was afraid he didn't like me. but then we went to friendly's and he sat down right beside me. then next morning he gave me a note that said he liked me too(cause i gave him 2 notes 1 saying i liked him but not telling him who it was and 1 that i told him i was the one that wrote the note) the cool thing is his mother is the youth leader so cool tell you more later g2g schools out becca

Posted: May 17, 2005 ,   Modified: December 16, 2006

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