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it has been too long!

Home again

Life is better when you look up to your friends


It has been a while

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The day starts of BAD!!

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The day starts of BAD!!


So, I have been studying my ass of this week and I have a feeling that it might be all for nothing.  I did the best I could but I just know that I messed up and there is absolutely no NO No room to mess up.  Now all I can do is pray.  I also have like two more tests to worry about.  College is so over-rated and it sucks!!!
Last night I was like up to 1 30 am again and my light went out.  Thankfully I have my own lamp, but it was a major hassle.  I had to go and get a work feel out form thing.  I thought it was going to take like a week because you always hear about things taking a week.  So, I was surprised when at almost 10 in the morning while I was getting ready for class some one knocks on my door.  My room is a mess I have a pair of underwear on the floor!!!!  I was mortified and hoping that this strange with a light bulb would not notice.  My trash was over flowing on to the floor and I had tissues everywhere.  Oh my!! Why could it have taken a week.  So, I come back to my room after class completely stressed out and I only eat an apple and some peanut butter cups.  Then I get some use out of my stress bat.  My neighbors must think that there is something wrong with me.   After a few wonderful stress reliving hits to my closet door, bed, and wall I start to feel better.  I think that this stress bat thing really works because normally International Relations is like hell on earth but today I was actually feeling ok.  Once again I am annoying my neighbors.  When I get stressed I sing.  It is like a wonderful and deep exhale.  So I have been singing, I have tried to be quite so it won't be that bad but I have no idea if my voice caries.  Even if it does I will not be able to stop.  I am nothing with out singing.  So, tonight is going to be a long night.  I need to read, and I am procrastinating.  I did get some reading done so I only have like 6 chapters to read.  Lucky me.  Everyone be safe and happy.

Posted: May 17, 2005 

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